Daniel Corbitt, Minister of Music/Youth Minister
work: 478-974-0002 x103
Email: daniel.corbitt@cox.net

Daniel, when asked whether he’s a preacher or a music guy, can say, “Yes” and walk away.  In addition to Bethany Baptist, where he has led worship chorally and congregationally since ’09, the Lord has allowed Daniel to lead Mercer’s Baptist Collegiate worship, where he graduated in 2010, and also at Ingleside Baptist in Macon.  

Being almost through with his adventure at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Daniel plans to receive an MDIV with specialization in Worship Leadership sooner than later.  Plus, in Daniel’s spare time, besides being heavily involved with the youth ministry year ‘round and VBS in the summer, he’s learned to enjoy playing guitar, drums, piano, and the occasional race in Mario Kart.  Soon, Daniel is looking forward to being happily married to his lovely bride-to-be, Aubrey Danielle Bailey, a gluten-free MK/PK with salon skills. 

Among his other abilities, Daniel can beat the triangle golf-tee game at Cracker Barrel and enjoys the safe practice of firearms marksmanship.